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Ok.. lal

Ok.. in a little study break we girls had, one of them showed us a(some) video clip(s) that she learned about when she was living in Norway for a year. It has subtitles ofc (since i don't understand norwegan well enough to understand it fully myself xD)

I cried watching it.. lauging ofc ;)


Too funny not to watch! ;)
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Alright, at least i log in every 2-3 weeks now? >.<'

Well.. just came home from a weekend cabin trip with my parents. I got no class tomorrow *silent cheer* and have tons of errands to do tomorrow.. joy.

I have 2 final exams left, 1 major report which i'll be working on tomorrow ;_; and then i'll be going to Scotland to spend christmas with paul the 21st of desember. I can't wait!!!

I seriously gotta stop slacking with studying though. Just after the icelandic championships (they were last weekend.. and it's safe to say i partially sucked) i've been kinda down and out of energy/the will to even stand up. >.<'

Anyways.. i hope everyone is good. I'll try to read up on ya'll tomorrow if i can squeese it in. Now sleep is high priority :þ

P.S. They should have something for nausia.. not cool!
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So tired..

Hi hi.. god i'm tired. School has been real hectic lately and won't stop until after finals.. which is in mid december ;_;

I seem to slack and go quite late to bed too which resaults in a lot of nights i barely sleep due to having to wake up real early. It just cought up to me this morning. I overslept majorly!! Was supposed to drive back to Laugarvatn this morning, but.. i just woke up and class is already over =.='

This weekend wasn't helping either. I was babysitting in Bifröst, which is where my brothers wife is studying, and had to go on saturday from there straight to the city and to work. I so loved babysitting though and i missed my little cutie niece Áróra :)

Then there was work.. >.<' We were two instead of four at work.. and it was quite nuts. Great! Came home after work and yet again, didn't go to sleep straight away..

Sister woke me up at 7 am and i was helping her with her kids that she coaches at a swim competition. Ok i like doing that and all, but omg energy consuming! :p Then straight to work from there :(

Work wasn't that hectic, but i was alone for most of the time, and there was no one that came in to close. O m g? One of the owners ended up coming and telling me i could close early because they couldn't find a replacement for the girl who was supposed to close and called in sick. Yay me! I ended up going home after cleaning up and doing booking stuff an hour before i was supposed to close, or well the girl was supposed to close. *sigh!

This is long enough as it is. I should continue napping some more and catch up on sleep.
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Cute link xD

Hehe i'm about to run off to class, but before i'm posting this link i found the other day that i think is way cute. :þ

It's babyswimming from the age of 3months to 16 months olds. Basically shows you how much they can teach them in that period of time.. and well how much better they do it in australia ;p


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Note to self: Find out what causes my weird digestion these past few months (Except from dairy products since i cut them out entirely), or a selution to it. :)

I managed to fuck up my back in class just earlier.. wonderful feeling when you can't lie, sit or stand still due to pain. :/
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I'm among the living.. :p Lary reminded me i had this thing.. i totally forgot. Lots of stuff going on and little time lately. :)

Not gonna rant in the spirit of old times.. sleep is in order. Cya :)
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Erm I always end up babbling....

I'm a nob! I'm considering moving journals for one purpous only.. being able to keep it open. It's still only a thought. :)

How is everyone? I haven't been around for ages really. And it's my fault.

Been busy and not giving enough time for anything lately. :) I'm getting used to working for 8 hours (or more) a day and swimming full time. It's been making me sick a lot so far. I'll get used to it eventually. :)

I'm only working at a bakeri for now though. Since I didn't get answers from any place for ages. D: So I walked in there and asked for job avalibilities, and got one on the spot. The ironic part is that, two places I had applied for called the same day I started there and the following day. D: *wants the other jobs*

I'm still a co manager at a pizza place. I work there during weekends though. Or every other depending on if there is a swimming competition or not.

Soooooooooo :P Hmm.. well.. I kinda have a bf now. My parents don't really know, and I won't be telling them anytime soon. Since well, he is Scottish and we don't live close at all. I love him though (or think I do) and well I know for sure that he does too.

I got FFXII sent from him a few days ago as a late birthday present so lately I've been hooked to it. As in I have to tear myself from the PS2 to go to practice and to go to bed in the evening. XD

This is too long as it is. I hope you all have been alright while I was away.

Icelandic championships (long course) next weekend. And I've been sick for a while.. *dies in advance* Wish me luck?!
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*need to start commenting more* ...... just so tired ;__; Anyways... been alright lately, well stupid fever wont go away but i've been mostly ignoring it.. not sure that's such a good idea. :S Am very frustraited work related at the moment heh.

For christs sake! *sigh* 5 hours or working.. and taking a lot of biggering and annoyance towards me. Just 'cause i'm the co manager.. or whatever. I was closing so i was over the place. And Hödd (odd name XD) and Héðinn kept messing every second order up I got all the friggin blame. From the second I stepped in there until I kinda told them to butt off home. Well I did it in a nice way though.

I wanted to kick their asses! :S That's how frustraited I was. And damn i was glad that Sindri took care of most of the booking crap because the two of them did so many errors that it was a royal mess. Grrrr!

15 mintutes to 11pm three groups of two ppl came in and ordered pizzas. I thought I was gonna cry out of frustration. ;__; I was gonna try to close and all that stuff before or around 11. Lol a pair (one of those groups of two) were pretty drunk though so that was mildly amusing to watch. But well then there came in a big group of kids and were gonna order and i told them it was already closed >>; It was exacly 11pm. And it closes at 11. And they got all "it's 5 to 11.. common"... and i got all evil and lied that the clock i went after was 5 past XD; I really didn't want to clean up everything all over again.

Besides.. they came late. So idk XD Took me an hour to close, clean and do the booking and all that shit after they all left.

Practice wasn't so bad. Other than work being a bitch today... 5 1/2 friggin hours when they were supposed to be two. It wasn't such a bad day.

Now I need sleep. Only have 5 hours i can sleep until I gotta wake up. Damn.. I gotta wait for Johanna to come home first. Grrr!!!
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GreatestJournal Voice Post

Edit: Oh noes.. *has a cold* :S You can hear my accent ;__;

I've gotten my laptop all up and running now. It was just being mean to me and not accepting it for a second there.. so that was a meaningless trip back to the repair thingie place. *sigh*
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