December 1st, 2008

Fay - made by GJ's mitamiya


Alright, at least i log in every 2-3 weeks now? >.<'

Well.. just came home from a weekend cabin trip with my parents. I got no class tomorrow *silent cheer* and have tons of errands to do tomorrow.. joy.

I have 2 final exams left, 1 major report which i'll be working on tomorrow ;_; and then i'll be going to Scotland to spend christmas with paul the 21st of desember. I can't wait!!!

I seriously gotta stop slacking with studying though. Just after the icelandic championships (they were last weekend.. and it's safe to say i partially sucked) i've been kinda down and out of energy/the will to even stand up. >.<'

Anyways.. i hope everyone is good. I'll try to read up on ya'll tomorrow if i can squeese it in. Now sleep is high priority :þ

P.S. They should have something for nausia.. not cool!