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One note to self! Wo0t for finding my necklace! XD I usually never take it off unless i'm on my way into the pool or showering or something. So yeah *love* :P

I had a pretty fun day at work today. :P Well tonight. I kinda just got home. I thought it was way fun, except the parts where Simmi (a guy who's worked there for like 3 weeks or something) kept messing things up. Things you should have gotten by then. Like orders ect. It was kinda annoying. And since he's the only one whom we (the three of us girls) don't really trust doing that awefully much (because he messes it up like whoa) so we asked him a lot to do things like fill up on the topping table, taking out of the oven, and easy stuff. And he kept being all grumpy ass towards us like it was so hard. It was nuts there so well. one of us girls was taking care of orders, and stuff, i was making pizzas and the other girl was also making them. Because wow it was nuts :D

I love busy days :D We girls there get along great. We talked whenever we had the change, which was mostly when rush hour was over. :P I stayed 'till ten pm though. Hehe :) A 'bit' later than usual :P Hehe. I like doing the flipping the doe thing and all :D

Now it's around 11pm. Odd though, no one at all is home. Strikes me as odd... really odd. Considering i have three systers that live here and parents. :S Always weird when there are no noises in the house.

Now i'm currently talking to Ani, a german girl i've been toodering in English a bit, sent books to and stuff. She's sweet :]

This morning was kinda tough though. I woke up at 5:30am and delivered papers, then i had morning practice that was a horror. I did pretty well though. The main set (the killer XD) was 10x200 meters freestile on some time. And it was decending the whole time. Well kinda. (the time that is) ... so it was tougher and tougher. I always went faster than i was supposed to in consideration to my real time so i was pretty happy about it :P

So well not much more than that. I rant way too much sometimes. XDDD Been awake since 5:30 am, for what.. 17 1/2 hours :S Night all! *exhausted*
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