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LMFAO! My sisters freshman day was today. Called busadagur in icelandic. LOL! They were so mean!!! XDD I'm so greatly amused. She has mysa, baby milk, cod liver oil and a lot of other smelly disgusting things all over her and in her hair. XDD

Haha the house smells like a fish, no it rieks of fish. Ew! XD It's so funny though. :P Damn it! I should have gone to see that! :P Haha. I'm listening to this very amusing weird norwegan song. It's some tecno thing. Or a hybrid of it at least. Well it's sung in norwgegan :P

Anyways... other news.. mom dragged me out earlier this morning and got me to go with her to some stores. I forbid her to buy farsighted glasses in TIGER! The fact that she really considered it offended me lol. :P That reminds me to get new ones for me though, which i really don't want. I hope they have the same frame at the store where i bought mine, that'd make my world. Lot's cheaper to just buy a new frame rather than new glasses. Plus i like my glasses.

I'm getting this dance movie from torrents called step up. I'm such a dork :P I'm a sucker for dance/singing/musical movies and stuff like that. I've got weird movie and show interests. I can go from fighting, science fiction, to musicals and i am still all at home lol. *babbling*

Toodles, gotta go study now. (ew XD)

Edit: LOL! I bought three bubble thingies at tiger.. and lol... i'm blowing bubbles all over the house. Mom is yelling at me, my sister just hit me for it.. and i'm still all hyper. XDDD It's so much fun being a uberdork.. AND not acting your age from time to time. :P I'm such a kid sometimes.. gotta love it. *blows more bubbles* :P
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