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Ick! I have eye infections. I'm not sure how though. But well my sister 'borrowed' (without permission) my mascara the other day.. and yeah that might explane it. I don't know though. It's not nice that's for sure. My coach wasn't happy about it.. 'cause i can't really see well. ^^'

He claimed that i have no luck. Which is pretty accurate.

Rikka left for the US last Tuesday. I envy her beond words.. Hehe XD Meh it's okay. I know she'll have a blast.

I'm gonna redecorade in my room a bit. Getting rid of one huge cabinet.. something something that is just there to take too much space. XD And get a desk and a little more closet space since my cloths are all over the place.

Other than that.. nothing really new. XD I post way too much! Oh.. memo to self! Get the new stargate SG-1 and atlantis and bleach 'n naruto too. ^^'

Almost done downloading the second season of Avatar the last airbender XD Me and my brother love that. :P

OMG! My younger sister just bought strawberries and is sharing! :O
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