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Oh that was loads more fun than i thought it would be. Ása, my aunt, (Icelandic name btw :P) was there... plus a lot of my reletives (ones I know and ones i've never even seen.. *coughs*). It was really nice. Ása's son Ron was there too. They've been here for a few days to see a lot of things that are really worth seeing if you come here. :D It all sounded like so much fun :)

I talked to them a lot. Oh and even though Ása has an Icelandic name, she doesn't really speak the language. Her dad was Icelandic, but he didn't teach them much.. nor barely anything at all I think. She understood a tiny bit Kristinn said once though.. hmm.. *thinks* :P Anyways.. It was pretty nice. They both gave me their emails, and they're gonna help me as much as they can with my college search, AND if i go there in January like i'm planning. Then i would be more then welcome to stay there and she'd drive me all over to see colleges around there. Plus they're gonne try to help me find out ones that have a nice swimming team, where I could try getting a scholarship from. So that's even better :)

They're both super friendly and nice. First time i've ever met them. And they were encouraging us all to come visit any time.

Ron (Reed) is an arcitect. And he had pictures of some of the houses he's done. And O M G! Just wow! Looking at that.. I want to become an arcitect! :P Always had interest in that actually. But that's way cool.. :) We also saw family pictures of their families and all. I have a lot of cousins there. Like wow :P A lot more than I thought actually. :P

I'm seriously thinking about taking her up on the offer and stay there with her for some time in January. :D That'd be awesome. And her description of the view from her house was too good lol. Makes even more appealing :D

Oh it was such a nice time. And my grandma's cakes and finger food is so good! *drool?*

Well all together it was really nice. Close causins, aunts, uncles, and disatant ones. :P Really nice. :]

I was really interested in a claim my gret uncle (Ása's dad - he was Icelenadic) that they were talking about. It ran out last year, and it's kinda cool. Some information about my great uncle. Hehe. They were also really interested in it because they know very little about him. He died when Ása was 6, and Ron.. lol never met him obviously.

I am going to email them on Tuesday. They fly home on Monday. So yeah :P Anyways.. this rant is too long as it is so. XD
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