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6 1/2 hours of working. Kinda makes you beat. Oh and i need to deliver papers in the morning because i didn't do it tonight.. i just got home from work. :S I learned completely how to close. I could from now on actually. It's not that hard. I just didn't get how to set the alarm on. Psh.. XD Well it's an old system. :P

Been pretty up and down busy wise today. Kinda odd.. at the times when ppl usually eat (around dinner time?) there was nothing to do.. and later everything got crazy. I like it when it's busy. :) Oh and she's gonna teach me how to do more of the booking stuff or something tomorrow when I come to work. *tired* XD;

Anna is a really fun girl. I like her. :P Loads of fun talking to her and working with her. She's very relaxed so that's nice too. Not uber bossy like Zigo. Everyone hates him LOL! XDD A good reason too for doing so.

Didn't really have time for anything comment like or internet like this morning. I woke up around noon because i didn't sleep at all last night. I blame the stupid party some ppl were holding a street or two above. I think it was in the street above. It was not nice at all! It kept me awake for long at least.

So yeah then mom dragged me, Eygló, Kristrún and Arna (my brothers wife) with her down town, all over town. XD; It wasn't that bad.. was just really hungry lol xD

Then i had work. So yeah. *yawns* I'm bound to pass out soon so enough of this bullshit! ^_^
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