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*need to start commenting more* ...... just so tired ;__; Anyways... been alright lately, well stupid fever wont go away but i've been mostly ignoring it.. not sure that's such a good idea. :S Am very frustraited work related at the moment heh.

For christs sake! *sigh* 5 hours or working.. and taking a lot of biggering and annoyance towards me. Just 'cause i'm the co manager.. or whatever. I was closing so i was over the place. And Hödd (odd name XD) and Héðinn kept messing every second order up I got all the friggin blame. From the second I stepped in there until I kinda told them to butt off home. Well I did it in a nice way though.

I wanted to kick their asses! :S That's how frustraited I was. And damn i was glad that Sindri took care of most of the booking crap because the two of them did so many errors that it was a royal mess. Grrrr!

15 mintutes to 11pm three groups of two ppl came in and ordered pizzas. I thought I was gonna cry out of frustration. ;__; I was gonna try to close and all that stuff before or around 11. Lol a pair (one of those groups of two) were pretty drunk though so that was mildly amusing to watch. But well then there came in a big group of kids and were gonna order and i told them it was already closed >>; It was exacly 11pm. And it closes at 11. And they got all "it's 5 to 11.. common"... and i got all evil and lied that the clock i went after was 5 past XD; I really didn't want to clean up everything all over again.

Besides.. they came late. So idk XD Took me an hour to close, clean and do the booking and all that shit after they all left.

Practice wasn't so bad. Other than work being a bitch today... 5 1/2 friggin hours when they were supposed to be two. It wasn't such a bad day.

Now I need sleep. Only have 5 hours i can sleep until I gotta wake up. Damn.. I gotta wait for Johanna to come home first. Grrr!!!
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