assamin (assamin) wrote,

So tired..

Hi hi.. god i'm tired. School has been real hectic lately and won't stop until after finals.. which is in mid december ;_;

I seem to slack and go quite late to bed too which resaults in a lot of nights i barely sleep due to having to wake up real early. It just cought up to me this morning. I overslept majorly!! Was supposed to drive back to Laugarvatn this morning, but.. i just woke up and class is already over =.='

This weekend wasn't helping either. I was babysitting in Bifröst, which is where my brothers wife is studying, and had to go on saturday from there straight to the city and to work. I so loved babysitting though and i missed my little cutie niece Áróra :)

Then there was work.. >.<' We were two instead of four at work.. and it was quite nuts. Great! Came home after work and yet again, didn't go to sleep straight away..

Sister woke me up at 7 am and i was helping her with her kids that she coaches at a swim competition. Ok i like doing that and all, but omg energy consuming! :p Then straight to work from there :(

Work wasn't that hectic, but i was alone for most of the time, and there was no one that came in to close. O m g? One of the owners ended up coming and telling me i could close early because they couldn't find a replacement for the girl who was supposed to close and called in sick. Yay me! I ended up going home after cleaning up and doing booking stuff an hour before i was supposed to close, or well the girl was supposed to close. *sigh!

This is long enough as it is. I should continue napping some more and catch up on sleep.
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