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Ég hef greinilega einhverja massa þörf til að tjá mig :P

Okie, *sigh* I just got cake so this day wasn't THAT bad XDD *loves cake* :D

I've been sleeping pretty badly lately because of backpain.. which is caused by me falling down those stupid stairs more than two weeks back. It would be better already if i wouldn't always overdo it at practice. But honestly... I don't know my limits and most likely never will. Plus I tend to want to go all out.. there's no fun in just coming there to swim.. I come to swim and improve.. :P

So other than that.. I went to school, my brother called me in class.. (again) XD Lol that was embarrasing.. :P No one cares but the teacher .. lol that's the funny part. But well my 'back to the future' theme songs ring tone I gotta say is just way fun to hear. Makes me wanna see the movies again :P

Went to my brothers after and we played coh until I had to go to practice. We had chinese food for lunch and well apparently I'm either alergic to something that was in the 'stuff in oustersause' thing.. or it just doesn't like my tummy. I got a pretty nasty chest burn out of it. I'm not alowed to eat black licorich nor some other things that contain something that's put in it.. I get sick from it. Bah chest burns and literally just sick. Not nice. That was kinda minor though so i'm alright.

I gotta remember to contact my doctor for my stomach acid medication thing again though. That'd help a bunch! XD Been a lot better since that surgery though. [/rant]

Okie.. enough said...

Practice was kinda fun the first two parts. The dryland was just exhausting.. but it wasn't that bad either though. The swimming part was alright and kinda fun. :P Mainly drills and sprints and some relay changings/starts. That was loads of fun.

I lost my contact in one of the dives though.. my googles decided not to stay on my face or something lol.. so yeah my plan of seeing well while playing polo.. didn't happen ^.^;

Then there came waterpolo. Guys and girls were playing together today. FOR CHRISTS SAKE!? Stupid Greg for not letting any rules apply! I actually help a friggin 15 min speach over that twirp afterwards.. and ouchie.. my boob hurts! ;__; *coughs*

Well it's a fact that guys are stronger than girls. It's just a biological fact. Also a fact that they overwealm us or whatever.. has to do with the strenght and also.. boys will be boys. They don't follow rules unless someone actually shoves them down their throats every five seconds.

SO.. the guys on the other team kept pulling us under.. that's not alowed. They kept hitting, giving elbow shots (my poor ... *coughs*), kick on purpous, hold ya down and literally hurt each other.

So not having any rules made it so.. ppl got hurt. And well honestly it's just not fun not playing by the rules. And the funny thing is.. the guys on the other team never followed them.. the guys on my team did. So that's not fair either.. well fair aint the word.

It's just ridiculus and plane studpid. The guys know the rules. We used to play waterpolo once a week when Stu was our coach. And everyone knew the rules. Some of the 'new' ppl don't.. but they can be tought.. BUT they never will abide them nor learn to abide them if they're never there in the first place... ugh! Enough of meaningless babbling.

The first game my team sucked.. we didn't really know our place and weren't really using any stragedy at all. Second game we ruled, and scored a goal after a goal after a goal. I scored around 9? I can't remember, not that I counted.

So it was way fun. The third game.. the other guys started being literally crazy.. that's when everything went down the trash.. not just rule wise.. but also just it stopped being fun. Hurting each other isn't my kind of fun. So the fourth game never happened because a lot of ppl guit after the third.

My shoulder and groin kinda hurt a lot. Not after anyone hurting me.. I got out pretty easy in that way.. (I think they're scared of me? :O lol.. well i'm not scared of them XD). It just hurts because it's a lot of pressure on your shoulder.. throwing the ball that far (not used to throwing balls btw) and keeping yourself floating doing *can't remember what it's called* in the water.

So yeah.. I'm gonna be way sore for a few days. Just hope I didn't strain my groin area.. have done that before.. hurts quite a lot actually.

And well I didn't mention. It's Johanna Gerða's birthday today. She's been all.. OMG over it. o_o' LOL! Ya should have seen me this morning. We have this 'tradition' in my family. We always gather (the whole family that lives in the house.. me, my parents and my sisters that is) and wake the person who's birthday and sing the b-day song for them.

Imagine.. me wrapped in my cover.. fall on my sisters bed.. well more let myself fall on it.. snuggle up to her covered feet.. and mumble the b-day song. XDDD I had the hardest time to stand up again. :P Lol I wasn't tired... nooooo >>;

Well this is a LOT longer than it was supposed to be.. So just remember.. a faul day.. can always be cured by a cake. XD; *coughs; flee*
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6 1/2 hours of working. Kinda makes you beat. Oh and i need to deliver papers in the morning because i didn't do it tonight.. i just got home from work. :S I learned completely how to close. I could from now on actually. It's not that hard. I just didn't get how to set the alarm on. Psh.. XD Well it's an old system. :P

Been pretty up and down busy wise today. Kinda odd.. at the times when ppl usually eat (around dinner time?) there was nothing to do.. and later everything got crazy. I like it when it's busy. :) Oh and she's gonna teach me how to do more of the booking stuff or something tomorrow when I come to work. *tired* XD;

Anna is a really fun girl. I like her. :P Loads of fun talking to her and working with her. She's very relaxed so that's nice too. Not uber bossy like Zigo. Everyone hates him LOL! XDD A good reason too for doing so.

Didn't really have time for anything comment like or internet like this morning. I woke up around noon because i didn't sleep at all last night. I blame the stupid party some ppl were holding a street or two above. I think it was in the street above. It was not nice at all! It kept me awake for long at least.

So yeah then mom dragged me, Eygló, Kristrún and Arna (my brothers wife) with her down town, all over town. XD; It wasn't that bad.. was just really hungry lol xD

Then i had work. So yeah. *yawns* I'm bound to pass out soon so enough of this bullshit! ^_^
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Oh that was loads more fun than i thought it would be. Ása, my aunt, (Icelandic name btw :P) was there... plus a lot of my reletives (ones I know and ones i've never even seen.. *coughs*). It was really nice. Ása's son Ron was there too. They've been here for a few days to see a lot of things that are really worth seeing if you come here. :D It all sounded like so much fun :)

I talked to them a lot. Oh and even though Ása has an Icelandic name, she doesn't really speak the language. Her dad was Icelandic, but he didn't teach them much.. nor barely anything at all I think. She understood a tiny bit Kristinn said once though.. hmm.. *thinks* :P Anyways.. It was pretty nice. They both gave me their emails, and they're gonna help me as much as they can with my college search, AND if i go there in January like i'm planning. Then i would be more then welcome to stay there and she'd drive me all over to see colleges around there. Plus they're gonne try to help me find out ones that have a nice swimming team, where I could try getting a scholarship from. So that's even better :)

They're both super friendly and nice. First time i've ever met them. And they were encouraging us all to come visit any time.

Ron (Reed) is an arcitect. And he had pictures of some of the houses he's done. And O M G! Just wow! Looking at that.. I want to become an arcitect! :P Always had interest in that actually. But that's way cool.. :) We also saw family pictures of their families and all. I have a lot of cousins there. Like wow :P A lot more than I thought actually. :P

I'm seriously thinking about taking her up on the offer and stay there with her for some time in January. :D That'd be awesome. And her description of the view from her house was too good lol. Makes even more appealing :D

Oh it was such a nice time. And my grandma's cakes and finger food is so good! *drool?*

Well all together it was really nice. Close causins, aunts, uncles, and disatant ones. :P Really nice. :]

I was really interested in a claim my gret uncle (Ása's dad - he was Icelenadic) that they were talking about. It ran out last year, and it's kinda cool. Some information about my great uncle. Hehe. They were also really interested in it because they know very little about him. He died when Ása was 6, and Ron.. lol never met him obviously.

I am going to email them on Tuesday. They fly home on Monday. So yeah :P Anyways.. this rant is too long as it is so. XD
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Ick! I have eye infections. I'm not sure how though. But well my sister 'borrowed' (without permission) my mascara the other day.. and yeah that might explane it. I don't know though. It's not nice that's for sure. My coach wasn't happy about it.. 'cause i can't really see well. ^^'

He claimed that i have no luck. Which is pretty accurate.

Rikka left for the US last Tuesday. I envy her beond words.. Hehe XD Meh it's okay. I know she'll have a blast.

I'm gonna redecorade in my room a bit. Getting rid of one huge cabinet.. something something that is just there to take too much space. XD And get a desk and a little more closet space since my cloths are all over the place.

Other than that.. nothing really new. XD I post way too much! Oh.. memo to self! Get the new stargate SG-1 and atlantis and bleach 'n naruto too. ^^'

Almost done downloading the second season of Avatar the last airbender XD Me and my brother love that. :P

OMG! My younger sister just bought strawberries and is sharing! :O
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Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Your Taste in Music:

90's Alternative: Highest Influence
Adult Alternative: Highest Influence
80's Alternative: Medium Influence
90's Pop: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence

Your Theme Song is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

"There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship�s smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves."

You haven't been feeling a lot lately, and you think that's a good thing.
The comfortable part is nice... but you should really work on numb.

I got really bored. Night ya'll.
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LMFAO! My sisters freshman day was today. Called busadagur in icelandic. LOL! They were so mean!!! XDD I'm so greatly amused. She has mysa, baby milk, cod liver oil and a lot of other smelly disgusting things all over her and in her hair. XDD

Haha the house smells like a fish, no it rieks of fish. Ew! XD It's so funny though. :P Damn it! I should have gone to see that! :P Haha. I'm listening to this very amusing weird norwegan song. It's some tecno thing. Or a hybrid of it at least. Well it's sung in norwgegan :P

Anyways... other news.. mom dragged me out earlier this morning and got me to go with her to some stores. I forbid her to buy farsighted glasses in TIGER! The fact that she really considered it offended me lol. :P That reminds me to get new ones for me though, which i really don't want. I hope they have the same frame at the store where i bought mine, that'd make my world. Lot's cheaper to just buy a new frame rather than new glasses. Plus i like my glasses.

I'm getting this dance movie from torrents called step up. I'm such a dork :P I'm a sucker for dance/singing/musical movies and stuff like that. I've got weird movie and show interests. I can go from fighting, science fiction, to musicals and i am still all at home lol. *babbling*

Toodles, gotta go study now. (ew XD)

Edit: LOL! I bought three bubble thingies at tiger.. and lol... i'm blowing bubbles all over the house. Mom is yelling at me, my sister just hit me for it.. and i'm still all hyper. XDDD It's so much fun being a uberdork.. AND not acting your age from time to time. :P I'm such a kid sometimes.. gotta love it. *blows more bubbles* :P
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One note to self! Wo0t for finding my necklace! XD I usually never take it off unless i'm on my way into the pool or showering or something. So yeah *love* :P

I had a pretty fun day at work today. :P Well tonight. I kinda just got home. I thought it was way fun, except the parts where Simmi (a guy who's worked there for like 3 weeks or something) kept messing things up. Things you should have gotten by then. Like orders ect. It was kinda annoying. And since he's the only one whom we (the three of us girls) don't really trust doing that awefully much (because he messes it up like whoa) so we asked him a lot to do things like fill up on the topping table, taking out of the oven, and easy stuff. And he kept being all grumpy ass towards us like it was so hard. It was nuts there so well. one of us girls was taking care of orders, and stuff, i was making pizzas and the other girl was also making them. Because wow it was nuts :D

I love busy days :D We girls there get along great. We talked whenever we had the change, which was mostly when rush hour was over. :P I stayed 'till ten pm though. Hehe :) A 'bit' later than usual :P Hehe. I like doing the flipping the doe thing and all :D

Now it's around 11pm. Odd though, no one at all is home. Strikes me as odd... really odd. Considering i have three systers that live here and parents. :S Always weird when there are no noises in the house.

Now i'm currently talking to Ani, a german girl i've been toodering in English a bit, sent books to and stuff. She's sweet :]

This morning was kinda tough though. I woke up at 5:30am and delivered papers, then i had morning practice that was a horror. I did pretty well though. The main set (the killer XD) was 10x200 meters freestile on some time. And it was decending the whole time. Well kinda. (the time that is) ... so it was tougher and tougher. I always went faster than i was supposed to in consideration to my real time so i was pretty happy about it :P

So well not much more than that. I rant way too much sometimes. XDDD Been awake since 5:30 am, for what.. 17 1/2 hours :S Night all! *exhausted*
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Hmm.. what's new!? Can't say much at least. Me, my mom and my older sister went to visit my brother and his wife at her parent's home. They've been there since her dad died. I hugged her and stuff. And it wasn't so bad there. Got a cake and we chatted some about all sorts of stuff. Really didn't feel at ease there though, there was some tension in the air which is well understandible. All silence moments were very uncomfortible. I don't do well in normal ones. :S

Well besides that.. i should go to bed earler. I've been getting like 5 hours of sleep tops the last two weeks, and well not nice. My immune system sucks so i will suffer if i don't sleep more. ^^' *babble?* :P

My stomach is way sore. I blame it on the sit ups we were doing at practice on wednesday. :P Well maybe i'll get a sixpack? Lol! No way :/

I have nothing interesting to say. XD

Oh Rikka var að koma heim frá spáni eða eitthvað álíka og vá maður! Hún er eins og skítur og er svo brún. Mér finnst ekkert að því að vera með smá tan.. en þetta er orðið bara ógeðslegt. Nei veit nú ekki. Ekki alveg. En skvísan er að fara til bandaríkjanna á þriðjudaginn þannig að ég öfunda hana massa mikið.

Ég keypti 3x3 eyes á DVD í gær eða fyrradag og vá hvað ég var búin að gleyma hvað manga'ð er mikið betra. Einginn smá munur. En það er nú aðallega bara fyrstu tvær myndirnar sem eru frekar illa gerðar. En hvað með það. Sé samt ekki eftir að hafa fengið þetta.

Er núna að bíða eftir rýmingarsölunni sem er tilvonandi í IKEA. :P Ætla að losna við þessa massa ljótu hillusamstæðu, fá mér skrifborð og vonandi lítinn skáp eða hengi. Vantar meira fatapláss.

Það er einhver weirdo að senda mér eintóman perraskap og vitleysu á msn. Vá pælið í vibbanum. Hann er blokkaður núna :P Best að fara að finna sér eitthvað að gera. :]

Little rambling in Icelandic. Just ask and it'll be translated.
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I have some bad news. I don't feel at ease even saying this. My brothers wife's father died last night. As i heard it he died of cancer. I am not sure they even knew about it. At all. :(

To tell the truth i don't know how to feel about that. I'm sad that's for sure. I didn't know him well. But i still feel horrible. He's Arna's dad. I really hope she's alright. I am pretty sure she's taking it hard. :[

What i think is the hardest part is, I don't know what to say to her. If well i see her soon. Of course tell her i'm sorry and that. But what then? I'm horrible with this kind of stuff. I know I went into complete shock when my grandpa died. And still miss him extremely.

I don't know what more to say. I'm sorry about this post.