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Silly Ásbjörg

Swimming Queen

21 February
Hi there. I'm a 30 year old Icelandic girl. I work as a Swimming Coach and Teacher in London as well as a School teacher at Secondary School.

I like computer games, anime, music, watching movies, chatting, hanging out with friends, watching TV and relaxing, being lazy, being sugar high, ranting, history, art, watching sci-fi (stargate, BSG, Farscape ect.), and a lot more.

I dislike people who are sheep, most rap music, RnB, crappy cover songs, my DVDs and CDs getting scratched, bananas (they are revolting), hights.. I'm afraid of hights.

Swimming, reading, chatting, computer games, music and movies are my escapes in life.

_foreverfantasy is crack love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Shou Tucker is extremely disturbing chimera love

kira.x.lacus colorbar
Kira and Lacus is Forever Gundam SEED Love

Made by RavenXwolf
Pissed off Naruto is funny love

Edward Elric is love.

I am crediting this lovely icon I am currently using to chlex
Here it is:

And this one is made by _spuk_

and these lovely ones to __kitsuneicons

and this one to GJ's breakingthrough

And last but not least this one to __aznglitter
100 words, alyson hannigan, amanda tapping, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, angel, animals, animation, anime, anne rice, aragorn, asian food, atlantis, auron, battlestar galactica, being a tease, ben and jerry's, blue eyes, british accents, buffy, cartoons, challenges, charmed, christopher judge, computers, contests, conventions, d.n. angel, dark eyes, disney, don s. davis, dvds, edward elric, elves, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fantasy, farscape, ffvii, ffvii advent children, ffviii, ffx, ffx-2, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, finding nemo, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, greek myths, green day, hanging with friends, hayao miyazaki, history, horse riding, icons, interview with the vampire, irvine, jack o'neill, jack/sam, japanese, john doe, johnny depp, joss whedon, jrr tolkien, koda kumi, laughing, led zeppelin, legolas, lenne, lilo & stitch, linkin park, lord of the rings, lulu, make-up, making icons, manga, middle earth, mini!jack, mini!sam, moogles, moulin rouge, movies, mp3s, mythology, nearly all music, norse mythology, one tree hill, orange juice, orlando bloom, painting, piper/leo, placebo, pretty, princess mononoke, real emotion, red, richard dean anderson, rikku, rinoa, rock climbing, sam carter, sam/jack, sam/janet, samandjack, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, sheppard/weir, shopping, shuyin, singing, sleeping, smallville, spike, spirited away, squall, squaresoft, squee, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, superman, swimming, teal'c, teasing, the colour blue, the colour red, the vampire lestat, tidus, to zanarkand, tolkien, trigun, tv, vampires, video games, witches, wizards, x-men, yuna